Mike Livingston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 90

Discover the untold stories of Israel’s most effective Secret Service…Depending on whom you ask, the Mossad can be seen as a legion of heroes or a group of villains. Officially, the Mossad is an intelligence agency responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, counterterrorism, bringing Jews to Israel, and protecting Jewish communities. But one thing is clear: they’re endorsed by the State of Israel, meaning they’re endorsed to kill. Now, in this book, you’ll discover many of the Mossad’s covert operations—including the ones not often talked about…the ones that shame…and those that are best left forgotten. Secrets of this highly tactical organization will be revealed, including information not available to the publicWith this information in hand you’ll have myriad perspectives on the Mossad. You’ll know whether you deem them saints—or if they are ...
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