Wayne Lemmons
Publisher: Case Publishing
Pages: 294

If there was no yesterday and tomorrow was a myth, what would you do?Mason Thursday, a P.I. with a permanent case of Retrograde Amnesia, has to answer that question every time he wakes, all of his obtained memories having fallen away during the night’s sleep, and he moves forward with optimism, enthusiasm, and a sometimes inappropriate sarcasm. On a Wednesday in November, Thursday believes that he’ll have a fairly easy day of riding around with his driver, Donnie, and spying on a miniature Carnival Clown who’s been cheating on his wife for far too long. Surprises have already been coming at Mason, including a meeting with a nearly naked Amazonian beauty who has a penchant for hoarding yard decorations and a great need for a blue-hatted garden gnome, but more are on the way.When he finds himself in the midst of an organ-trafficking conspiracy while trying to protect himself and ...
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