Bree Wolf
ASIN: B01J1P4064
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Pages: 267

BONUS: 2nd epilogue included! A bear of a man. A twig of a girl. And a love that was destined to be.After what her father did to her mother, HENRIETTA TURNER's worst fears are to be realised when her uncle decides to marry her off to a Scot. Gentleman or not, Henrietta knows that at his core he is still a barbarian. What will she suffer at the hands of this savage?CONNOR BRUNWOOD, MARQUIS OF RODRIDGE, cannot believe he fell head over heels in love with this thin, pale twig of a girl. However, the moment he saw her, he knew he had to make her his wife. If only she didn't hate the very sight of him!However, when his life is suddenly in danger, an assassin lying in wait, everything they thought they knew is put to the test.Will Henrietta betray her husband or stand by his side? Will she take the opportunity to rid herself of him forever? Or will she risk everything to save his ...
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