Mary Manners
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Pages: 55

When his sister dies in a tragic accident, crime-beat reporter and author Cade Magnusen becomes father, mother, and uncle to his four-year-old niece Gracie. Bitter over the loss, Cade can no longer stomach chasing the true crime stories that elevated him to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. When he hears of an opening for a community events reporter at the Angel Falls Trumpet, Cade grabs the chance to relocate to the quiet community of Heart's Haven.Emmy Lassiter loves ice cream—and children. Unfortunately, an accident has rendered her barren. She hides her grief at Babycakes, where she shares her love of sweets. The only mystery in Emmy's life—beside the uncertainty over her future with a family—is what brought new Heart's Haven neighbor, Cade Magnusen, to Angel Falls.When Cade drops by Babycakes to collect a feature story for the Trumpet, he and Emmy feel a quick ...
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