Anna Leary
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 34

Want to make hot, delicious meals without even turning on the oven? You can, using a pressure cooker! Pressure cooking allows you to create easy, tasty meals that would otherwise require hours of effort. A pressure cooker is a great way to cook fast. Simply stated, a pressure cooker works by building up steam in a pot, which creates pressure that cooks the food at a very high temperature, thus reducing the time up to 70%-90%. When the cooker's lid is locked into place and the cooking liquid begins to boil, the steam that is generated is literally trapped inside the pot with nowhere to go except through the food. The fibers and molecules in the food are broken down quickly, and as a result, cooking occurs in record time. Other benefits of pressure cooking are that fewer vitamins and nutrients are lost during the process because the steam condenses in the pot instead of escaping into the ...
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