Luke Hardy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 54

Each and every person in the world has one chance to reach their personal success and goals. Productivity is everything, and the office environment you work in will dictate productivity massively!"Office Productivity: Organization For Optimization (Your Practical Guide)" will turn your office into a factory for success and productivity in your work life.The office is a place where you spend a great proportion of your life - learning to transform it into a effecient work space, and a place which you ACTUALLY enjoy spending time in, is essential. In this book, you'll learn:•Practical benefits from the ancient art of feng shui to optimize the natural "chi" or energy inside your office•How to organize and structure your work office space•Basic interior design and Feng Shui principles for home office•How to identify your Feng Shui element and use it to balance the energy in your ...
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