W.R. Benton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 204

A new Young Adult Western, by acclaimed Western author W.R. Benton.Former mountain man turned homesteader John Anderson knew life on the western frontier would be hard for his lone farming family. He did his best to give them a clean start, making peace with the local Sioux tribe and paying the tribe for his land. John didn't count on the Crow suddenly claiming the same farm land belonged to them. While preparing to abandon his homestead to the Crow, his youngest son wanders off in the confusion.At only six years old, little Samuel has no hope of surviving on his own. Spreading out to search the wilderness, John finally finds a cluster of small footprints in the dirt, only to have his hopes dashed as Samuel's trail is joined by moccasin tracks, and then... vanishes.Searching on for another day proves fruitless. John is forced to accept his son is gone forever. The stricken father takes ...
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