Willow Winters
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 214

She’s too good for me, but that’s not gonna stop me from taking her.I’m not a good man, but I’ve never claimed to be. I’m the muscle for the Valetti crime family, and I fit the part with my hard, ripped abs, broad shoulders and cocky attitude. I’ve never wanted for anything, until I met her... A woman I can never have.She's forbidden. Just being seen together would put a target on both our backs. I can’t help imagining those lush, sassy lips wrapped around the one part of me that doesn’t give a damn she’s off-limits. All I wanted was a taste of her tempting, forbidden curves. One moment of hot, wild passion, and I’m f*cking addicted.Everything and everyone else be damned. I’m making her mine. This is a standalone, full-length mafia romance with a filthy-mouthed, possessive bad boy and no cheating. Guaranteed HEA.***This title was formerly called Bad Girl.
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5 stars from 331 ratings
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