Brian Seth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 35

If you see yourself in the questions below, then this book is for youHow can I quickly Housebreak my puppy? What is the best method? Can it be fast?He is so cute but he poops in the house….how can I change that?Housebreaking your puppy seems to be very long and very hard, although with the right techniques, consistency and step-by-step instructions, your puppy can be clean and properly trained within ONLY 7 DAYS.Getting a puppy is a fantastic thing, but it comes with great responsibility and new owners often feel overwhelmed by the juvenile behaviour of the puppy. Like a normal child, your puppy will have to learn and be educated the proper way. In this guide you will learn why Positive Reinforcement is the right method to use to build a strong & healthy bond with your puppy and how to teach him the basics such as:Housebreaking, Crate Training, Poop Patrol, The First Obedience ...
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