Kelly St. Clare
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 281

For fans of The 100 and The 5th Wave comes a science-fiction story for young adults by USA Today bestselling author Kelly St. Clare.  Keepers of Earth. One hundred and fifty years ago, global warming brought humankind to the edge of extinction. In a desperate bid for survival, four thousand genetically enhanced soldiers--the last slice of humanity--were sent to eight space stations. To serve. To protect. Then the Critamal arrived, uninvited. Waves of aliens now work to break through the Orbitos' defences, the black-shelled creatures seeking to colonise the vacated and barren world. War is their reality. All Romy can do is fight alongside her knot and watch from the mocking midst of the stars as Earth rises and falls in the distance. She dreams of a different life--one free from the mark of death and the never-ending touch of loss. Be careful what you wish for. . . .  When a ...
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