Colleen Charles
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 209

The job she loves or the man she loves?With a high powered job in public relations for an NHL franchise, Eloise Robertson is well acquainted with the arrogant and cocky bad-boys of hockey. She’s all business. And not one shred of monkey business. So of course she isn’t interested in team owner Sheehan Murphy’s expensive new center, Cole Fiorino. Through a chance encounter over addictive white carbohydrates, Cole worms his way underneath El’s icy façade. Like a tick with six pack abs. But El has bigger issues when local small business owners want to thwart Murphy’s efforts to open a high-end whiskey bar attached to the arena. Cole Fiorino and his sexy smile and equally sexy demands will have to wait. Or, will they?AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a full-length, standalone romance with a HEA. For a very limited time, the eBook version of Colleen’s #1 Sports Romance - Benched will be ...
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