Nathan Van Coops
Publisher: Skylighter Press
Pages: N/A

Trapped in an unfamiliar decade, one man must learn from the past… or be doomed to repeat it. 3 books. 1,200+ pages. A series with over 500 five-star reviews!Benjamin Travers has a dangerous past… he just hasn't lived it yet. After a freak electrocution, Benjamin and his friends are sent back in time to the 1980s. To have any chance at making a return trip, they need to seek out the help of an eccentric scientist and his charming daughter who seems to know much more than she lets on…But the group soon realize they weren't the only travelers. A killer from their own age survived the time-jump too. And he's planning to strike again…When Benjamin realizes that going after the killer could jeopardize their return trip, he needs to decide if he's willing to sacrifice his own shot at a future to save another…In Times Like These: eBook Boxed Set: Books 1-3 is an exhilarating trilogy ...
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