Zoe Chant
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 173

A curvy pilot wary of flighty men + a firefighter pegasus shifter who never slows down + a high speed air race with even higher stakes = one explosive romance!Connie never takes risks. But thanks to her feckless father and a rash bet, if she doesn’t win a dangerous high-speed air race, she’ll lose her beloved plane. Her only hope is to find a co-pilot she can trust. Someone cautious and sensible. Someone completely unlike the gorgeous, wild Chase, the worst mistake she ever made…Pegasus shifter Chase lives life at top speed, but not even his close friends in his elite, all-shifter fire crew can guess that his ready grin conceals a broken heart. Three years ago, he met his fated mate Connie… only to lose her.When fate hands him a second chance, Chase is determined that this time, he’ll win Connie’s trust. And all he has to do is fight off a gang of criminal shark shifters ...
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5 stars from 129 ratings
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