Natalie Kordon
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Pages: 74

Do You Want to take control of your mind and thoughts for life? Discover your inner world ! The Ultimate Guide to Meditation TechniquesWe are all different. That is the beauty of creation. Diversity in unity.Some people are dynamic and like to be in the action all the time, others are contemplative and laid-back; some are compassionate, gentle and loving, others are firm, determined, and strict; some are cheerful, playful, and spontaneous, while others are serious, rule-followers, disciplined. Yet, all together have one thing in common: humanity, spirit, consciousness.That is why different people will prefer different types of meditation. We can’t all go by one shape or color. We have each our unique combination of tastes, inclinations, tendencies, qualities, preferences, affinities. That is why you will prefer one type of meditation and you might prefer a very different one.You ...
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