Adam Rockman
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 204

UNLEASH YOUR CONFIDENT SELF! You can build indomitable confidence that gets you the life you want. You can face your fears, talk to attractive people you want to meet, take risks, and eliminate your self-doubt. This isn’t just a usual self-help book. It’s a proven guide for changing your beliefs about yourself, happily facing your fears, and building the life you desire. How many amazing opportunities have you missed because shyness or fear prevented you from simply starting a conversation or expressing yourself?Would you like to feel ASSERTIVE?, CONFIDENT?, LOVED?, VALUED?, RESPECTED?, AMBITIOUS?, OPTIMISTIC? If yes, then you MUST read 10 Days to Superhuman Confidence! This is the first book in the SUPERHUMAN IMPROVEMENT series by Adam Rockman. It includes everything you need to completely transform everything that has been holding you back from unleashing your true, confident ...
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