John Stewart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

The Armies that Built Nations ~ READ FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED - ACT NOW BEFORE IT’S GONE! ________________________________________The Ancient Warriors that changed the Courses of History From the ancient Greeks to the Roman legions, some armies will go down in history as epic in their size and achievements. While Rome wasn’t built in a day, its armies were to thank for its huge expansion. There is no doubt that the battles of Troy, Athens, and others will live on in the tomes of history books. This book aims to traverse not only some of the well-known paths briefly but also some of the lesser known, but just as effective battles. Travel with the Egyptians through their conquests and defeats. Join the Greeks as they fight for nation and wealth. Learn more about the Roman Empire, how they fought for expansion and defense. Journey from the dawn of man and his oft times violent ...
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