Jenifer Ruff
Publisher: Greyt Companion Press
Pages: 278

In the tradition of Gone Girl, this spine-chilling psychological suspense series will leave you wondering how well you know your friends, neighbors, and classmates. At Everett, perfection has a dark side.... Brooke is a highly-motivated coed at prestigious Everett College. She is determined to graduate number one in her class, get accepted at a top medical school, and become a surgeon. Everything is going according to plan, although she's not sure what to do about Ethan, an attractive guy who would like to be more than just friends. Her classmates and professors are captivated by her achievements and appearance, with the exception of one student. Only Jessica, a wealthy socialite and Brooke's complete opposite, senses that Brooke might not be all she appears. Jessica has her own problems, fueled by too many prescription pills, energy drinks, and a huge case of snobbery. She's too busy ...
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