T. A. Grey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1043

From the USA TODAY Bestselling author of The Bellum Sisters Bundle comes The Untouchables Bundle, a three-book bundle filled with plus-length, page-turning novels that will keep you up late at night. Come visit the dark and enticing world of the Blackmoore family where political intrigue, the rich and the poor, and the ugly and beautiful work through conflicts with one unending tether tying them all together: desire.Take Me Book 1 - Dominic Blackmoore (the politician)Tempting Gray Book 2 - Grayson Blackmoore (the security agent)Merely Immortal Book 3 - Lucas Blackmoore (the rockstar)Rogue Blood Book 4 - Vasilius Blackmoore (the scarred computer expert)Have you read my USA TODAY Bestselling Bellum Sisters Series? If you love fun, adventure, and quite a bit of steam, you'll love meeting the Bellum Sisters!Get the Bellum Sisters today:Chains of Frost (Book 1)Bonds of Fire (Book 2Ties That ...
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