Cam Johns
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 344

***** Warning- Explicit sexual scenes between consenting adults in a safe setting. *****Exposing the truth…giving into explicit desire…finding love. If you’re a fan of authors Zane or E.L. James, then Arousing Consequences is definitely for you! Book One introduces Karisma Washington who has just graduated college and looking forward to moving on with her life following the untimely murder of her father Blair Washington. If it weren't for the constant support of her boyfriend, Kevin Matthews, there's no telling how deep her depression would have taken her. Support she thought she couldn't live without, which carried their relationship regardless of the discontent building between them. Here it is a few years later, and she's now ready to start her career at the top Rehabilitation Center of Seattle. The place where characters come into play compelling rousing desires ...
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