E.M. Parker, John Hardy Bell
Publisher: E.M. Parker LLC
Pages: 355

Fiona Graves did not expect much from Corona Heights, just a quiet space to call home while she went about the business of rebuilding her life. On the surface, the setup was perfect: cheap rent, a great location, and complete anonymity. Beneath the surface, however, Corona Heights was something else entirely. Cursed with paper thin walls, the building kept few of its tenants' secrets. But one secret remained safely buried for years, until Fiona's strange encounter with her neighbor - a ten-year-old girl named Olivia - threatened to unearth it, and the unimaginable consequences inherent in its being.Now, as she wages a personal crusade to regain the trust of her estranged son, Fiona must also confront the ever-tightening grip of an addiction she has yet to overcome, a neighbor whose erratic behavior grows more dangerous by the hour, and a seemingly innocent little girl whose dark ...
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