Patrick Spencer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 28

“The lieutenant descended slowly into the quiet and gloom. As he began to step down into the control room, he was gripped by a feeling of dread. Someone could be down there waiting for him...” Hitler's U-boats rule the North Atlantic and threaten to eliminate the Allied forces supply lines through meticulously coordinated attacks using Germany's secret weapon: the Enigma. Desperate to turn the tide of the war, British scientists at Bletchley Park work tirelessly to break the codes. But there is a problem. They need the German ciphers and a working Enigma machine.In this gripping story held secret for years, you'll join the crew of HMS Bulldog as they execute a covert WWII mission to seize a functioning Enigma and the ciphers Britain so desperately needs. The bravery of these sailors saved countless lives and crippled German naval operations, eventually giving the Allied forces the ...
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