J.A. Hazel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 368

True or false? Plain Janes never get the hot guys and first impressions are always right.A messed-up boy, a girl afraid of heartbreak, a traumatic past glimpsed in nightmares ... Everything they want is on the other side of fear - and a few bad decisions.With enough pain in his past to fuel a thousand songs American rocker Bran isn’t looking for a muse. His style is to ditch – girls, sobriety, sanity. Even the name on his birth certificate. When he meets irritating, uptight Ava, new thoughts start to spin. And, unfortunately, they’re all of her.To survive at the Australian record label where she works Ava has learned to shun boorish, egotistical musicians. No matter how gorgeous they are. What a pity for her the latest hotshot singer swaggering around the studio happens to have a lost-boy frown to die for.When the wave of unwanted love hits will they run, break, or ...
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