Jayelle Morgan
Publisher: Jayelle Morgan
Pages: 283

Depending on an Elemental Warrior is the key to her survival… and maybe more.Brooke Simmonds moved to the isolated mountain town of Topaz Ridge for three things: A position as senior designer at the local paper, money in the bank, and complete independence. The day she gets everything she’s been working towards, her life goes up in flames. Literally. Her rescue is a haze of pain and smoke, but she remembers him, the handsome stranger that carried her out of the blaze. Are her memories clouded by smoke inhalation, or did she really see him manipulating the flames to save her? He’ll either lose his control, or his heart. Or both.Levi takes an instant liking to Brooke, whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him. When her apartment building bursts into flames, he springs to the rescue. As one of the elite Elemental Warriors sent here to fight the forces of Chaos ...
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5 stars from 58 ratings
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