Kira Kot
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 68

I will show you several natural and harmonious ways of Giving and Taking Simple ideas, lasting loveIn this book you will learn to see Love in a new, refreshing, mature, encompassing, fulfilling, eye-opening and heart-opening perspective. You will learn the natural differences between 2 people in a couple, how to manage those differences, how to embrace them, assimilate them, respect them, and honor them, as they are very things that make each person unique and special.I will deconstruct some illusions and myths that suffocate the love relationships, don’t let them grow and evolve, and ultimately, kills them before they even started properly.You will learn about the Importance of Giving and Taking in a relationship and how to keep the balance between them in order to have a harmonious, happy, fulfilling relationship.You will discover that Love is not a passive expectation, but an ...
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