Olivia Hampshire
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 150

Black Ops 85On a secret Greek Island, miles and miles away from civilization, the United States Government in conjunction with the most wealthy countries in the world have incarcerated more than 600 of the most intelligent or embarrassing people in the world. This is called Black Op 85, one of the many locations like this on our planet where governments kidnap the best, without trial or warning and use them for their intellectual powers. This group of people either know things that this power group wants no one else to know, or the incarcerated are an embarrassment to very wealthy families.Leaving in secluded luxury in Condo 7 are 6 of the most intelligent men in the world, and it just so happens that they are gay. They have used their combined super knowledge of internet technology to reverse the control of the evil powers that be.They are lead by the international, cybergeek ...
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