Jonathan S. Walker
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 81

Are you tired of working nine to five, running on that same old hamster wheel, and getting nowhere fast? If so, you’re going to enjoy the suggestions in this book to help you find financial freedom. We’ve detailed ten sources you can easily use to begin to build a stream of passive income that will bring out your entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll learn how to appreciate and reward that maverick thinker whom you always been accused of being. Creating an innovative stream of passive income will enable you to exceed your expectations, going far beyond what you may previously have thought possible.We must warn you, though, after reading this book you'll no longer be satisfied with mediocre. No! Instead, you'll become an over-achiever. The difference is, you'll be doing so in businesses for yourself that work for you when you're vacationing in the Bahamas. No longer will your ...
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