Nancy McGovern
Publisher: McGovern Books
Pages: 156

ALWAYS FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED! INCLUDES A DELICIOUS RECIPE!Recently engaged and with a new diner to run, Nora Newberry has plenty to do in her hometown of Milburn, Wyoming. But when you’re given the chance to spend a weekend in Hawaii with friends…you take it!And, while it was tough to leave her fiancé and business behind, that’s just what she did!Of course, she’ll miss both. But she can’t wait to soak up the sun, fun and…murder?!When an employee at the local zoo is found dead, the victim of an apparent snake bite, at first it seems like an accident. But something doesn’t feel right to Nora, who’d previously met both the dead man and the snake. So, before long, the ladies’ relaxing weekend away on a tropical island is plagued by a murder mystery!A murder mystery that Nora insists on solving…Read all about it in Death At The Zoo, the 6th book in Nancy ...
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