Alison Ryan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 154

From best-selling author Alison Ryan comes a new, sexy series, THE MONTANA BROTHERSBELLEI ran away from my old life to find out who I really am. Because when you’re debutante Belle Delford (that’s me), all you are to the world is your old Kentucky money.But I’m not going to live a life that was arranged for me before I was even born, a life I have no passion for. So I fled in the dead of night, and didn’t look back. I drove until I couldn’t drive anymore, until I was positive the things that were chasing me could never catch up. I ended up in Whitmer, Montana, and on my very first night I met Huck Calloway. He’s everything a woman could want: tall, brooding, and handsome as all hell. As soon as I see him, I want him, if just for one night. Anything to get my mind off the things I left behind.But Huck isn’t like any man I’ve met before. Nothing is simple when it comes to ...
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