Earl Hutchinson
ASIN: B01MA4F754
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Pages: 130

Groundbreaking Book Explores the Black Impact on Classical MusicEarl Ofari Hutchinson meticulously details in his It’s Our Music Too The Black Experience in Classical Music the black impact on classical music. Hutchinson notes that there are numerous books which have dissected and re-dissected every possible aspect of classical music—the composers, performers, their compositions, the musical structure, the history, and even the gossip and minutiae about the composers and performers. Yet, there are almost no books that focus on the significant part that black composers and performers played in influencing and in turn being influenced by classical music“The list of Africans, African-Americans and Afro-European composers, conductors, instrumental performers, and singers,” says Hutchinson, “is and always has been, rich, varied, and deep. Sadly, the recognition of this has almost ...
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