Claude Whitacre
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 135

For new salespeople and their sales managers only.  In the book Selling Essentials, you'll learn all the factors that can guarantee that a new salesperson will quickly become a top salesperson. If you are a sales trainer or in sales management, this book will show you how to guarantee a new sales rep will be successful, right from the start.In your company, right now, there are salespeople making a very comfortable living. Their customers love them, trust them, and will follow their recommendations. These are the top 20%. The other 80% are barely getting by. No matter how hard they try, they feel stuck.So, why are 80% of the salespeople barely getting by? Because they didn't start off on the right foot. They developed habits in the beginning that prevent them from ever succeeding. Their "beginner mistakes" become habits that eventually become unbreakable.Here's a secret; Nearly ...
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