Lee Tobin McClain
Publisher: Grace Porter Books
Pages: 220

A Convenient Marriage…Esperanza Acosta wants a baby, but her traumatic past makes that unlikely… unless she can win the support of her boss, adoption agency director Gabriel Montana. When Gabe is around Esperanza, he finds himself forgetting his own losses and waking up to love. But when their boss-secretary relationship evolves into a marriage of convenience, Esperanza’s secret past intrudes, putting their dream of a family at risk. Can Gabe and Esperanza learn to trust each other—and God—in time to thwart a crazed man’s plans to destroy them? This gritty inspirational romance features A Bond Fulfilled’s Maria Moretti in a cameo role as she attempts to support Esperanza, her foster sister from years back. Enjoy the final book in the Sacred Bond Guardians series of Christian romantic suspense novels.
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5 stars from 18 ratings
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