Carolyn Bond
Publisher: Timepiece Books
Pages: 262

Everleigh Anderson is a successful human rights consultant who has it all-- except love. A special gift unexpectedly transports her not only back to 1888, but to a different body. No longer thirty-five and frumpy, she is now twenty and gorgeous. Railroad man Malcolm Steel falls head over heels, but he's protecting a secret and can't risk getting close to anyone. To make matters worse, she discovers that in the 19th century, women are property and she is bound to another who won't take no for an answer.Bluegrass Blush plunges you into beautiful Versailles, Kentucky in the summer of 1888 when steam engines forged the westward expansion and scientific discoveries led a renaissance of enlightened thought, but the culture of inequality for vulnerable populations still prevails. No matter the time, though, love finds a way. Carolyn Bond is a Kentucky author that loves stories where love ...
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