Kyle Slade
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

Eight seconds is all it takes. Eight seconds for a man to die. Eight seconds for your world to change.On the fourteenth anniversary of his father's death, a mysterious stranger sits beside Charlton Creswick at the station. Moments later, the man throws himself into the path of an incoming train, but not before a letter falls from his pocket; a letter with a strange symbol connected to Charlton's past.Meanwhile, at an upscale rehabilitation clinic, a young soldier is being treated for memory loss. But when he examines the journal he has been keeping of his recovery, he discovers something impossible: he's been in two places at once.Before long, the two are bound together by a secret buried in time, and must navigate the complex relationship between a prominent and influential British politician, the enterprising criminal family that runs London's underworld, and a shadowy organisation ...
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