Phillipa Nefri Clark
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 340

Betrayed, heartbroken, proud... she ran into a deadly storm.Loved by the many fans of Nicholas Sparks, Kate Morton and Kerry Lonsdale. Christie Ryan’s life is everything she hoped for. An exciting job, exotic travel, a waterfront home and a fiancé, Derek, are the pieces that make it almost perfect. Finally she has the stability and love she craved throughout her childhood.But the death of her estranged grandmother threatens everything. Christie finds herself in an abandoned cottage in a small seaside town, uncovering a family mystery through old love letters. She seeks help from reclusive artist Martin Blake, but their aims clash. As the secrets of the past begin to unravel, however, so does Christie’s safe world. The Stationmaster’s Cottage is a rich and beautiful romance set in two eras. Its unforgettable characters weave a story of fiercely protected secrets, courage ...
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