Brandon Lundburg
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 108

In Soup Kitchen (Book 1 in the Game of Horror Series) Hunter and his college friends head to Vegas for one last spring break adventure before they all part ways after college graduation. After several hours of girl chasing, drinking, and club-hopping, they realize its turning out to be just like any other night they may have. Desperate to have the most memorable night ever, Hunter shows his friends a card given to him by a mysterious biker with the words inscribed: “Experience the Soup Kitchen.” Intrigued, the boys decide a bit of mystery sounds like fun. It turns out to be anything but fun as they soon find themselves in a fight for survival, where escaping alive comes down to how well they work together. The Series: The Game of Horror Series portrays different stories where characters find themselves in situations testing their inner character and their sense of humanity.
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