Heather Hackett
Publisher: Heather J Hackett
Pages: 223

This is not a how-to book, or a guide book. It is a why-to book.Restless is a book of true stories, of connections with people on one level or another, in situations that stretched the limits of the author's perseverance and often left her frustrated and angry at the world. It led her down some strange and wonderful alleyways, into situations she would never have found herself in if she had never left the comfort of her home and family. But by making those choices, and walking those paths, she changed her perspective and outlook on the world.In the true tradition of learning how the rest of the world lives, the author has been groped on an Indian train, fought off wild beasts while trying to use 'bathroom facilities' in Goa, trekked the Everest trails while pregnant and with a toddler on her back, unwittingly participated in a people smuggling operation, been mobbed by fans of a ...
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