Moira Rogers
Publisher: Moira Rogers
Pages: 442

Enjoy the first three books in Moira Rogers' popular SANCTUARY world in one easy bundle.Cry Sanctuary: A battle-weary werewolf finds a reason to fight again when a newly turned wolf seeks sanctuary in Red Rock--a wolf with a dangerous strength she can't control and an even more dangerous past she can't escape.Sanctuary Lost: Surrounded by wolves, a human woman must face the choice to remain vulnerable or to become one of them. But power comes with a price. To fully embrace the wolf, she'll have to accept her new instincts--even the urge to submit.Sanctuary's Price: There's no love more forbidden than that between a witch and a werewolf. Can a witch who's been brutalized by wolves trust one with her heart? Can a wolf who's survived his own share of pain trust himself--and his instincts--with a fragile human lover?
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