Renee Bradshaw
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 83

Believe or be mulched.Mara allows the city to flow around her while others plan her life in the direction best for the citizenry. That is, until she is selected to go out on a routine urn planting, helping souls move onward to their next life within the Reborn Forest.Mara finds out she is never truly alone, and then faces the choice to continue drifting through the life planned for her, or open her own mind and choose a different fork in the path.At roughly 18,000 words, The Reborn Forest is Renee Bradshaw’s novella debut.Recently, Renee was asked, "How did the idea for the Reborn Forest come about?"She responded, "The Reborn Forest was born one day after I saw an advertisement for one of those companies that will bury you under a tree seed/sapling when you die. This seemed like a beautiful idea for a coffin to me, instead of placing another hunk of useless rotting corpse in the ...
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