Amy K Kuivalainen
Publisher: Myrsky Publishing
Pages: 235

Rosa Wylt's plans are cut short when she receives a summons to return to Gwaed Lyn, an ancient mansion in the Lake District, and the center of all her childhood nightmares. The Wylt family has always served the mysterious, wealthy Vanes but Rosa is determined to break free of the bonds that have tied both families together for centuries. Searching through her family's history, she discovers letters of the doomed love affair of a Vane that bears an uncanny resemblance to Balthasar, the eldest Vane that she cannot help being drawn to. Balthasar Vane is haunted by a past of violence. As the enforcer for his family and heir to his father’s kingdom, there is no room for weakness in any area of his life; that includes his growing feelings for Rosa Wylt. The Vanes are forbidden to touch the Wylts, but as love begins to grow between them, Balthasar draws Rosa into a world of ...
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