Saurabh Dashora
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 422

An ancient secret buried on Titan. A starship in orbitEarth is dying. Starship Samudram, the greatest starship ever built by mankind, travels to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.The mission is to colonize Titan – a strange world where liquid methane rains and the skies are dominated by the mighty presence of Saturn.But the crew is not aware of the secret hidden behind Titan’s thick atmosphere. Something lurks within the very elements of this enigmatic world and waits for their arrival. As they explore Titan, they realize they are being hunted by a force they can't comprehend while at the same time, a sinister conspiracy threatens to destroy the starship from within.The crew has no escape.Will they perish in the icy wastes of this strange world?Or will they be able to survive and unveil the mystery? Get your copy of Starship Samudram to find out.Praise for Starship Samudram"It is ...
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