Loretta Lost
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 182

My name is Snow. I am a killer. The world is a cruel place, and I've learned that the only way to survive is to kill. When I was born, someone dumped me in the snow to die. But I didn't.The snow was innocent, just like I was. It could have frozen me to death. Instead, it comforted me, held me gently, like a blanket. The snow is my family. Not people.People tried to destroy me. Again and again.I had to start killing them first. I enjoy it. I take pleasure in watching them die. I have murdered everyone who tried to hurt me. Or hurt the person I love.Except for one man. Benjamin. He always got away. And now he's captured me. Or so he thinks. Maybe I've captured him. Maybe I'm exactly where I want to be.Have you ever seen gallons of bright red blood staining the freshly fallen, pure white snow? I guarantee it's the prettiest thing you'll ever see.
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