Shakira R. Thompson
Publisher: Believer's Choice Media
Pages: 178

#BEFORETHESUN The book of Psalms preserves a rhythmical record of personal and national roller coaster rides of the people during that time. In the Psalms 37 Novel series, we’re introduced to the ups and downs of the Watson, Montgomery, and Hartgrove families. While, Before The Sun, the prequel is not found within Psalms 37, it does reflect the events and struggles celebrated by those who are later punctuated with triumph and peace that can only be found by offering praise to God. HIGH NOON JUSTICE It’s wedding week at Wondrous Works Tabernacle Fellowship, where we encounter the highs and lows that each day will bring as we get closer to Carson and Scarlett’s elaborate wedding day. THE BIG BONANZA Unfortunately, the surprises that fill each day of the pre-wedding celebrations get bigger and bigger swirling into a bonanza, leaving everyone to wonder will there even be a ...
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