A.R. Marshall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 135

Then it happened: the book flashed bright. “What was that?” Grandpa didn’t say a word, he just winked and kept reading.This summer, story time with grandpa will change everything. Age Level: 6 to 11 | Grade Level: 2nd - 5thInside a glowing book, Space Spy Drift Elwick must defeat intergalactic pirates and save earth. But is it just a book? Riles, Sissie, and Finn want to help, but how? Will they find a way before it’s too late?Find out in this action-packed, humorous, adventure chapter book receiving high praise:“The best book for kids I've ever read. An immersive adventure that gave my daughter and I a magical experience.” "Somewhere between The Boxcar Children and Harry Potter, this series follows a sibling set in and out of books, saving happy endings. A delightful read for middle grade boys and girls." “A wonderful read filled with adventure, suspense, courage, and ...
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