A.R. Marshall
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 130

Age Level: 6 to 11 | Grade Level: 2nd - 5th grade A chapter book for kids.The StoryKeeping Series is "Magic Treehouse" meets "The Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja." What is Story Keeping?Jumping in and out of stories to save happy endings? Just another night for superhero, "story keeping" siblings Riles, Sissie, and Finn. Learn how it all started in this series opener!Everything changed the night grandpa read that first magical book to Riles, Sissie, and little Finn. Space Spy Drift Elwick needed saving - and our heroes were ready to help...Well, almost ready... Actually, they had no idea what was happening. Can they figure things out before it's too late?Interview with the AuthorQ - What makes the Story Keeping series so special?A - It's a mix of things really. First, the narrator - Riles - brings an honest voice to the wild adventures. He is also incredibly passionate about reading. Second ...
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