Ben Stevens
Publisher: Nanbanjin
Pages: 21

On a freezing winter's night, a dead man sits beside a blazing fire, his throat cut...Sherlock Holmes is summoned by Inspector Lestrade, to investigate what is certainly murder...But what Holmes then realizes will present him - and Doctor Watson - with an almost impossible dilemma...Can murder ever be excused - and the killer thus allowed to go free...?GOODREADS review (Martin): 'Excellent Holmes story in the classic tradition. Quite a lot of people have tried to imitate A. C. Doyle over the years, and some of them have failed miserably - but this is one of the successes, in my opinion. Holmes solves a crime right under Inspector Lestrade's nose, without the latter realizing. There is also an amusing scene when Holmes has to"translate" one character's Cockney rhyming slang for a bewildered Dr. Watson...'From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of THE ENNIN MYSTERIES.THE ENNIN MYSTERIES: ...
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