Sheila Sloan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 40

Essential Oils For Diffusers:Winter And Spring Diffuser BlendsThere’s so much fun during the holidays, with all the different holiday scents that fill the air. All the cinnamon and peppermint, gingerbread and pine – it all adds to the excitement of Christmas the New Years.But once the holidays pass, it seems the scents all disappear. Everyone forgets that they love the rich scents filling their home, and they simply go back to the plug in scents with the generic oils that fill them.Why not use this time to embrace more winter scents? With winter weather still upon us and spring just around the corner, there’s no reason to put away your oils yet. And with this book, you are going to learn exactly what you need to choose the right scent.Let me give you the recipes for the best winter scents, then melt right into spring with all the freshness the new season has to offer. With this ...
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