Christopher Mitchell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 110

Let me teach you how to become a Self-Published Author in record time. It's fast, cheap, and simple. I'll send you all my best Tips,Facts, and Statistics ABSOLUTELY FREE! The only thing you need to do is submit your Name and Email address right here: ChangeYourLifeOvernight.comIf you like The Boy Who Knew Too Much by Cathy Byrd then you'll love My Inspiring True Life Story by Christopher Mitchell. My Inspiring True Life Story will give hope and inspiration to even the biggest skeptics who need a once in a lifetime pick me up, feel good story. In this rags to riches story Christopher Mitchell takes you through the pitfalls, obstacles, challenges, and hell that he has experienced throughout his life. This inspiring book is about going from tragedy to triumph. This is a story about living a life of sin for the devil and being set free to live a life of glory for Jesus Christ. As you learn ...
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