Lamees Alhassar
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 260

Visit author website and get your free book today.Planet Dan-X34When Richard Daniels, CEO of Galaxy Exploration Initiatives, receives a visit from three intergalactic businessmen offering to make a deal with him for a planet similar to Earth, yet is still pristine and lush with vegetation and wildlife, it seems too good to be true. In fact, once their exploratory team does some research, they find a group of pyramids that are filled with gold statues; thousands of them! It seems that every natural mountain on the planet is filled with gold; however, to extract it would mean devastating the landscape, and Richard Daniels refuses to do that. He must find another way.As his team are trying to solve this dilemma, invading giants suddenly appear and destroy all that GEI has built on the planet to date. Where did they come from? They seem to have emerged from ...
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