Susan Gillard
Publisher: Guardian Publishing Group
Pages: 213

Book 34: Passion Fruit Punch Murder is now available. Get your copy now! Just cut and paste this URL into your browser:!! **This is Book 33 in the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series**When Heather Shepherd attends the opening show of the new Hillside Cinema with her hubby and police detective, Ryan, the last thing she expects is to witness a murder, along with all the other guests. But that’s exactly what happens, and Heather is thrust headfirst into another case. The only trouble is the victim is a man with a misty background, and finding out what happened to him won’t be easy. There’s hardly any evidence to work with in the case. Armed with her a box of her Neapolitan Delight Donuts, a thirst for the truth, and a little bit of extra help from her bestie Amy, Heather sets off to solve yet another murder case in not-so-sleepy Hillside. But, as always, there’s ...
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