Logan Keys
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 38

They are not supposed to have emotions. They are not suppose to feel. Barkley's special programming has created something the world has never seen before...a robot that thinks for himself.Early praise for Barkley First off, I thought this was a much better and less high-handed approach to Asimov's Centennial Man and I appreciated the dark humor much more in this story, too!Honestly, the robot story hooked me right off the bat and I felt more for Barkley than any of the humans he outlasted, but how fun it was to watch them go about their lives and think themselves so clever! :) It's refreshing to have a regular robot become an actual likable Everyman that everyone unconsciously revolves around. But of course the story is much more than that, and I think it's superior to Asimov, thank you very much, and not least because it's a modern-type story with our oh-so updated sensibilities. :) ...
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