A.L. Knorr
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 224

From a USA Today Bestselling author comes a faerie-tale ghost-story that will transport you..."When the earth gives up her dead, then shall you understand."Georjayna isn’t exactly thrilled about going to Ireland to live with her aunt for the summer, and even less thrilled when her sexy cousin Jasher (not blood-related, he's adopted and don't you forget it) turns out to be as friendly as a nest of vipers. Sigh. At least it gets her out of Saltford and away from her neglectful mother, Liz.When Georjie unearths Jasher's terrifying secret, things she never knew about her own family begin to come to light; A heartbroken woman who disappeared without a trace. A desiccated body. Strange cocoons hanging in the greenhouse She soon finds herself embroiled in a disturbing mystery that involves the very power of nature itself, and Georjie learns that the earth never forgets. But it's when ...
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